Synergetics (Buckminister Fuller)

(Kadıköy Düşünce Platformu bloğunda bundan sonra İngilizce yazılara da yer verilecektir. Bir başlangıç olarak, Buckminister Fuller’ın “Synergistics” adlı makalesinden sözkonusu kavramı tanımlayan bölümden yapılan bir alıntı aşağıda yer almaktadır…).  
A system of mensuration employing 60-degree vectorial coordination comprehensive to both physics and chemistry, and to both arithmetic and geometry, in rational whole numbers…
Synergetics explains much that has not been previously illuminated…

Synergetics follows the cosmic logic of the structural mathematics strategies of nature, which employ the paired sets of the six angular degrees of freedom, frequences, and vectorially economical actions and their multialternative, equieconomical action options…
Synergetics discloses the excruciating awkwardness characterizing present-day mathematical treatment of the interrelationships of the independent scientific disciplines as originally occasioned by their mutual and separate lacks of awareness of the existence of a comprehensive, rational, coordinating system inherent in nature.
Buckminister Fuller

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